Best Legislator's Award      

Annual Award Committee 2015

The practice of conferring annual award was first being awarded in the Lok Sabha to the outstanding Parliamentarians by the Award Committee constituted by the Speaker which consists of the following members;-

1. Speaker or former Speaker Lok Sabha;

2. Deputy Chairperson or former Deputy Chairperson Rajya Sabha;

3. A Senior Parliamentarian from each of the two Houses of Parliament; and

4. A senior Journalist.

The concept of conferring Best Legislators Award in our State was discussed in the meeting of Rules Committee held on 11-2-2000 under the Chairmanship of  the then Hon. Speaker, Mr. Abdul Ahad Vakil. Accordingly, the Award Committee was constituted for the conferment of Best Legislators Award to the members of the House from the year 2000 keeping in view the following aspects and taking into consideration  the performance of the member in the House:-

1. Members experience;

2. Debating skill;

3. Awareness of National and International issues;

4. The variety and depth of the issues raised;

5. The manner of  presentation;

6. Proficiency of language;

7. Observance of the Rules of Procedure, Maintenance of  Dignity and Decorum of the House; and

8. Contribution in various House Committees. 

   The Best Legislators Award in the shape of Gold Medal, citation and one lac cash was presented to the following Hon. Members till date:-

1. Sheikh Abdul Rehman, 2000-01
2. Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, 2001-02
3. Mr. Abdul Rahim Rather, 2002-03
4. Mr. M. Y. Tarigami, 2003-04
5. Mir Saifullah, 2004-05
6. Dr. Mehboob Beig, 2005-06 
7. Mr. Ali Mohammd Sagar, 2006-07
8. Choudhary Mohammad Ramzan, 2009

            Besides this, for the year 2002-03, the Committee placed on record its  appreciation for significant contribution made by Mir Saifullah in the proceedings who was later on conferred Best Legislator Award in the year 2004-05 and besides  Mr. Jatinder Singh alias Babu Singh, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma,   Smt. Khem Lata Wakhloo and Mr. Kafeel-ur-Rehman for the year 2005-06,  Mian Altaf Ahmed, Mr. A.R. Veeri and Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia for the year      2006-07.

            In the year 2004, Justice (Retd.) R. P. Sethi was included as a Member of the Award Committee but because of his high profile and status in the public life, he could not do justice to the job assigned to him as he hardly attended any meeting of the Committee and never watched proceedings of the House for the purpose. Therefore, it is proposed that while constituting the present Committee  this aspect needs to be taken into consideration.

            The Hon. Speaker may, if approved, constitute the Award Committee for the year 2009 comprising of two former Speakers and a Senior Journalist which shall submit its report to the Hon. Speaker by or before middle of December, 2009 so that the awards are given by the end of the same month and also the DA/TA to the Committee Members for attending a sitting of the Committee shall be given in accordance with the Salaries and Allowances of the members of J&K State Legislature Act, 1960 and arrangements for their stay at the headquarters shall be made by the Assembly Secretariat one day immediately preceding and one day immediately succeeding the particular sittings.